<h2>Frequently asked Questions</h2>

1. Can I go into Augsburg on the bus?

Yes, the bus stop is directly opposite Lech Camping. You can buy your ticket from the driver. Bus information leaflets are available free from reception.

2. Can I cycle into Augsburg?

Yes. It is only 8 km to Augsburg Town Hall, which is in the centre of town. The cycle track begins right by our gate and the route is level.

3. Is it easy to get to Munich?

Yes, and you can use public transport if you wish: take the bus from Lech Camping to the Augsburg main railway station, and from there take the train to Munich.Alternatively you could go by car or motorvan to the nearest Park and Ride, and from there by bus or tram into the city centre. It is 60 km by the three-lane A8 motorway.

4. How far is it to Legoland?

25 – 30 minutes by car, about 60 km on the A8 motorway in the direction of Stuttgart.

5. Is there WiFi access on site?

Yes, we offer free WiFi. You can use your own device. You will receive the code on arrival.

6. Are dogs allowed, even in high seasons?

Yes. Well-behaved dogs on their leads are welcome all year round.
One exception: we do not accept any fighting dog breeds.

7. When can I arrive?

You can arrive from 2 pm onwards (rental objects from 3 – 6 pm). From noon to 2 pm the barrier and the office are closed. If you arrive at this time, you could use the wait to enjoy a meal in our restaurant. Morning arrivals are by prior arrangement only, and are charged as half a day.

8. When must I leave?

From 8 am at the earliest. Please leave by 11 am (rental objects by 10 am) on your day of departure. If you want to leave later, please let us know in advance. We charge an extra half day for departures up to 4 pm, and an extra full day for departures after 4 pm.Please note that it is not possible to leave between noon and 2 pm during the lunchtime break.

9. How can I pay?

Due to the high fees, we accept credit card (Visa/MasterCard) payments for ony up to 3 nights. Longer stays must be paid for in cash or with pin-card (Maestro).