5 Stars for Lech Camping

Small but top-quality,we are among the best in Europe.
Guests from all over the world relax in our well-kept grounds with the private lake – close to the historical city of Augsburg and very close to Legoland-Park.

Come and enjoy the informal atmosphere!

Yet another award for Lech Camping

The camping site has for the fifth time received an overall rating of 5 Stars!

Below is the justification provided by the examination panel after a review of 42 criteria:

The commission can fall back to the most pleasing result on the 14.04.2011. Among other positives today the new set up of the reception room along with the cafeteria is to be particularly mentioned. The new reception room has been generously designed and executed in a very friendly manner. This raises the already high level of the place once again. A very clear company philosophy is distinguishable, which is vigorously pursued by a very knowledgeable and dedicated operators energetically and the operators appear open minded to the innovations in the industry. Under these circumstances the committee has issued the title “Exclusive” and has hereby given 5 star rating. The course/space shows how camping should look like and how the guest perceives this holiday resort to be. Needless to say, high quality and first-class comfort is present and that the guest can enjoy spacious facilities with a special quality.
Affing, dated 1.4.2014 signed Chairman.Galauke / Dr. Zeitz